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Palermo Airport Transfers & Taxis

Two main companies operate the official taxis which cover Palermo Airport. Official taxis are predominantly white with signs on the roof and the company logo and telephone number on the side. On exiting the arrivals hall, the taxi rank is right in front of the terminal with the taxis lined up to the left.

The vehicles have to be fitted with a meter, and the rates which can be charged are fixed by the government. However, Sicilian taxi drivers are renowned for overcharging, either by adding extras on the meter or taking a longer than necessary route.

Always negotiate the fare before getting in the taxi and, at the end of the journey, ask for a receipt. This should show the licence numbers of the car and driver, the start and finish points, the fare and the date and time. You can use this as evidence if you have a complaint or leave something behind in the car.

There are a variety of types of taxis from standard saloon cars and people carriers to minibuses for up to eight people. Some are able to carry people with reduced mobility, but you would generally need to book in advance to ensure availability.

The taxi companies also operate a taxi sharing scheme with a fixed price per person for a minimum of four people. This service needs to be booked forty-eight hours in advance.

Taxi Fares

There are two set tariffs:

  • Tariff 1 – This applies from 06:00 to 22:00 Monday to Saturday
    • Minimum fare: €3.81
    • Rate per km: €0.84
    • Waiting Time per hour: €16.90
  • Tariff 2 – This applies from 22:00 to 06:00 Monday to Saturday, all day Sunday and some holidays.
    • Minimum fare: €5.72
    • Rate per km: €0.84
    • Waiting time per hour: €16.90

Approximate fares

  • Airport to Brancaccio: €45.00
  • Airport to Corso Calatafimi: €40.00
  • Airport to Corso Vittorio Emanuele: €40.00
  • Airport to Palermo Central Station: €45.00
  • Airport to Viale Lazio: €35.00
  • Airport to Viale Michaelangelo: €35.00


Private and Shared Transfers

It is generally recommended to avoid taxis other than for short urban journeys. When travelling between the airport and your home or holiday accommodation, a private or shared transfer is the preferable option for those who don't wish to hire a car or use public transport.

A number of companies offer this service in Sicily and you will book and pay in advance through their website, so there are no surprises when you arrive.

With a private transfer, you will be met at arrivals by a driver who will have a sign with your name on it. They will escort you to the vehicle, the type of which will be dependant on how many people are in your party. You will be driven directly to the door of your address. If you have booked a return journey you will be picked up at the same address.

For popular destinations, you may be able to book a shared transfer, which is a more cost-effective, but slower option than a private transfer.

On your booking confirmation, you will be given instructions where to meet the driver who will direct you to the vehicle. This will usually be a minibus or coach, depending on the number of passengers booked.

There might be a wait for other passengers before departing and once on route there could be several stops on the way to your destination. A shared transfer will rarely stop at private addresses, such as villas, but will drop you at a nearby focal point such as a large hotel or complex. You would also need to get to the pick-up point for your return journey.

You can compare prices of all supplies and make a booking via the form at the top of this page.