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Palermo Airport Parking

The main short-term public car park at Palermo Airport is in P2, which is on two levels and situated directly in front of the terminal building. It has 770 spaces, with those on the lower level being covered and the upper level being open. There are a number of spaces for disabled badge holders. The first fifteen minutes parking are free. There is a separate area for the rental car companies.

There is also a valet parking service in P2, aimed at business users, which is manned twenty-four hours a day and has surveillance cameras. With this service you can drop off your car and it will be parked for you. On your return, the car will be ready and waiting for you. You can also reserve a space in advance.

The long-stay car park, P3, is located 500m from the terminal building. There is a free shuttle bus to transfer you to and from the terminal.

Entry to the car parks is controlled by an automated barrier at which a ticket will be given. The ticket should not be left in the vehicle but kept with you. Payment can be made by cash or credit/debit card at the payment machines located in the arrivals hall and in the car park, or at the manned payment booth in the valet parking area. After payment, you have fifteen minutes to exit P2 and thirty minutes to leave P3. You can also pay by card at the exit barrier.

Parking Rates

  • P2 - Short-Stay
    • First 15 minutes: free
    • Up to 1 hour: €3.00
    • One to 2 hours: €6.00
    • 2 to 3 hours: €8.00
    • 3 to 12 hours: €10.00
    • 12 to 18 hours: €16.00
    • 18 to 24 hours: €18.00
    • Every subsequent 12 hours: €9.00
  • P3 - Long-Stay
    • First 15 minutes: free
    • Up to 2 hours: €3.00
    • 2 to 12 hours: €7.00
    • 12 to 24 hours: €13.00
    • 2 to 6 days: €12.00 per day or part day
    • 7 days: €75.00
    • Each subsequent day: €12.00

For information and rates for valet parking and additional services, call (+39) 091 7020200.

Passenger Drop-Off Zone

On the approach to flight departure area, there is an inner road for authorised vehicles, and an outer road on which you can stop for only as long as necessary to drop your passengers and unload luggage. This area is patrolled constantly and any vehicles left unattended will be removed.

At arrivals, there is no waiting permitted but, if passengers are already waiting to be picked up, a brief stop may be tolerated. As there is fifteen free minutes parking in P2, this would be a better option for picking up passengers.

Locating the Car Parks

The road into the airport can be accessed from the E90 in either direction by following "Aeroporto" signs. As you approach the airport, at the second roundabout, follow the green P3 signs for the long-stay car park or the blue P2 signs for short-stay, rental car returns and valet parking. At P2, use the appropriate barriers for your parking, which are clearly signed.

Off-Airport Parking

For long-term parking, it may be worth looking into off-airport parking which can work out a lot cheaper than using the official airport car parks.

Also known as off-site parking, these facilities are located on land close to the airport and are typically booked in advance online. On booking, you will be provided with directions to the car park. Depending on the company, you will either park your car and keep the keys or you leave the car and the keys, and the car will be parked for you.

After parking you will be transferred to the airport in a shuttle bus which is included in the price. On your return, you will be collected from the airport and taken back to your car.

At Palermo airport, off-site parking can be as little as €42 per week. You can compare all the prices and make a booking by using filling out the form at the top of this page.